About all our enthusiasts

We have been passionately collecting classic and sporty vehicles for several decades. It is our pleasure to bring together individuals who share the same passion to vehicles... and if the weather conditions allow, to go for a drive or to challenge themselves in a race of some sort.


Our collections are rich in various exotic objects due to our large number of members that grows every year.


They are chosen by us individually and with a lot of enthusiasm, nurtured with love, maintained and restores.


Unfortunately, as we constantly change our collection and confront ourselves with new challenges, we sometimes have to sell one or two objects. Although we give them up with a heavy heart, it is the initiative that shapes the success of such undertakings: to pass them to good hands and to keep a direct contact with their purchasers.


As nowadays exclusive sporty classic vehicles are seen by many people as a lucrative from of investment, and many investors, banks as well as investment funds have recognised it, you are doing the right thing when it comes to investing your capital in objects purchased from us. As the world prints money, buys securities and buys properties without limits, a limited-edition vehicle that is no longer produced enjoys a high-percentage increase in value.